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Contemporary Guide to Adult ADHD™
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Contemporary Guide to Adult ADHD™

Contrary to popular belief, most children who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) do not outgrow the disorders; they become adults who suffer from ADHD. Written by an acknowledged expert in the adult phase of ADHD, this guide will fill the void of available medical information with the latest clinical guidelines and recommended pharmacotherapies for the treatment of the ever-growing population of adult men and women who suffer from the anxiety and restlessness related to ADHD. 218 pages.

Joel L. Young, MD

Joel L. Young, MD

Medical Director,
Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine
Rochester Hills, MI
                    Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
                    Wayne State University School of Medicine
                    Detroit, MI
                    Staff Physician
                    William Beaumont Hospital
                    Royal Oak, MI

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Importance of Diagnosis and Treatment of Adults With ADHD
Chapter 2: Performing the Differential Diagnosis
Chapter 3: Conditions Often Comorbid With Adult ADHD
Chapter 4: Pharmacologic Management of ADHD in Adults
Chapter 5: Managing Medication Compliance and Related Issues
Chapter 6: Managing the Adult ADHD Patient: Psychological Resistance and Adverse Events
Chapter 7: The Role of Psychotherapy and Coaching
Chapter 8: Key Issues of Women and ADHD
Chapter 9: 20 Frequently Asked Questions About Adult ADHD